dimarts, de gener 30, 2007

China Announces $3 Billion Loan Plan For Africa

from: World Bank Development News, January 30, 2007 

“China will lend African nations $3 billion in preferential credit overthree years and double aid and interest-free loans over the same time, Beijing said on Monday ahead of President Hu Jintao's tour to woo the continent. … ‘The preferential loans provided by China carry no political conditions,’ said the announcement on the Ministry's Web site. The loans would be mostly steered to basic infrastructure, power projects and joint enterprises, it said. …

China's latest support for the world's poorest continent appeared timed for Chinese President Hu Jintao's eight nation tour which starts on January 30 and is expected to yield business deals and aid pledges. …” [Reuters/Factiva] “Hu departed Tuesday for a 12 days traversing eight African nations, with genocide, oil, aid and booming trade just some of the issues on the agenda. Emphasizing its commitment to Africa, China said on Monday it would write off debts owed by 33 African countries as part of a multi-billion-dollar pledge made last year to help fast track the continent's development. … Its November pledge allowed for $5 billion of preferential loans and credit to the continent.” [Agence France Presse/Factiva]

“… Perhaps the most sensitive stop will be Sudan, where the United Nations is pressing Hu to use China's leverage as a big oil customer to resolve the crisis in the Darfur region. Hu's 12-day journey will also take him to Cameroon, Liberia, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Seychelles. Key themes of the trip will include strengthening business ties and following through on promises of aid, including debt relief and poverty alleviation. … China's official Xinhua News Agency said Hu will sign a number of accords and economic agreements, a move that may be aimed at smoothing over criticism of Chinese motives. … China will also send young volunteers to do aid work in Africa, build hospitals, provide anti-malarial medicine to 33 countries, and help build 100 new primary schools by 2009, Xinhua said. …” [The Associated Press/Factiva]


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